Metal Finishing Equipment



Surface finish for metal coils and metal sheets

The creation of brushing and grinding patterns on high quality metal sheets is a science in itself. With its series M, WEBER has developed a machine that creates such perfect grinding patterns that nothing is left to be desired. When necessary, even fully automatically.

WEBER M Technical Data

Working widths 1100, 1350, 1600 & 2000 mm

Grinding belt length 2620 mm

Working height 850 mm (constant)

Grinding belt drive up to 75 kW

1 to 2 machining stations per frame unit

Multi Panel

Workpiece thickness 0.5–25 mm

“i-Touch” controller

Infinitely variable feed speed (3–25 m/min)

Freely selectable arrangement 
of grinding stations



M Grinding patterns


The WEBER M creates a sophisticated surface finish for high-end products. Whether short line, long line or duplo finish – the number of variations is virtually unlimited. It is a matter of course that this is achieved with absolutely consistent WEBER quality.


M-GD Grinding rollers


The WEBER M-GD grinding roller is process-controlled pressed against the workpiece, and thus creates a perfect grinding pattern of absolutely consistent, best quality. The grinding operation is controlled by the leading edge and trailing edge. This prevents damage to the grinding belt, thus lengthening the service life of the grinding belt and further increasing the efficiency of the machine.


M-CBF Grinding beams


The patented WEBER CBF system presses the grinding belt against the workpiece via a segmented grinding beam. In this way, diverse grinding patterns are possible with an easily adjustable line length. Even machining thicker metal sheets is no problem for this system – and it is all accomplished with a longer grinding belt service life and lower material heating.


M-BS Brush rollers


The secret of the WEBER M: the newly developed oscillating brush system M-BS creates every imaginable brush pattern. Up to 2000 strokes per minute enables the duplo finish (grinding and brushing) in just one pass. And that at extremely high feed speeds. The system operates extremely uniformly – fluctuations in quality are thus a thing of the past.