In 1922 the company founder, Hans Weber, laid the foundations for the construction of a new factory to meet the increased demand for his sanding machines. Shortly after the turn of the century he began designing and producing drum sanders in his home town of Kronach. These machines soon became known in the woodworking industry for their high quality and were exported to various countries.

The reason behind the success of these sanding machines was the company philiosophy which still applies today – sturdy construction, realiablity and technical innovation. On the basis of this philosophy the first wide belt sanding machine constructed in 1955 was equipped with a combination station with a contact roller and a controlled sanding platen.

In 1985 WEBER equipped an electronically controlled sectional pressure beam system which functions according to a unique principle. It was patented and continues to meet the highest standards. It was launched onto the market as the MCS SYSTEM and was supplemented by the ISA SYSTEM which works according to the same concept.

In 2003 WEBER was granted a patent for the CBF internal cross lamella belt for oscillation mark free surface sanding. Patent application has now been filed for the WEBER SCAN, a contact free workpiece detection system.

Old Weber Sander

Hans Weber Manufacturing Plant

The family owned machine factory is based in Kronach in Upper Franconia.

Weber employs more than 300 administrative, engineering and production staff at two locations in Kronach.

All mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering is performed by WEBER engineers. The production department uses the latest manufacturing technology.

WEBER - your guarantee of quality and innovation.

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