The best sanding result is a uniformly sanded surface without irregular traces of oscillation, streaks, grooves or chatter marks caused by the sanding belt. In this respect, cross grain, finish/ paint, filler and film are a particular challenge.

WEBER's CBF technology provides a surface that is free of visible oscillating marks. The internal lamella belt is configured with narrow, ribbed strips, arranged diagonally. Constantly changing the sanding belt areas that come into contact with the workpiece and the wavy marks resulting from individual sand grains are therefore avoided.

  • Consistent sanding pattern
  • Free of visible oscillation marks
  • Excellent results even on cross frame work pieces
  • Cost advantage over lamella wide belt
  • Reduced sanding belt heat generation
  • Increased sanding belt life
  • Tolerance compensation with WEBER ISA system of 2 mm
  • No second oscillation control required
  • Even high sanding quality across the surface
  • Sand lacquer, plastics and mineral materials because of very low heat generation and high final grain and high sanding belt life
Weber CBF
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